Laura Franchini

Welcome to my world! I am Laura Franchini, private chef blending authentic Tuscan traditions with a touch of modernity.
I grew up in the heart of Valdarno and my journey began alongside my grandmother. Thanks to her, I learned to take care of the family garden and discovered all the secrets to making excellent homemade pasta, using the freshest eggs from our chickens. Those moments I always hold close to my heart, were the beginning of a passion that now I love sharing with you through my dishes. With genuine ingredients, love and patience, I have developed my culinary style that marries tradition and innovation.

in 2018

Own restaurant

After successfully managing a home restaurant for three years, my passion for creating intimate and exclusive events led me to become a private chef, prioritizing quality over quantity.

This decision allows me to dedicate my full presence and attention to my clients Every dish I create is the result of years of experience and dedication, ready to delight you in the comfort of your place.

in 2020

Cooking talent show​

In 2018, I had the fortune to participate in a cooking talent show for Italian television, reaching the finals. This experience motivated me to advance professionally, culminating in the achievement of a qualified chef diploma from the Italian Chef Academy in Empoli.

Subsequently, I gained important pratical experience in various restaurants, refining my techniques and exploring new flavor combinations.