Who am I now?

As a private chef, my job is to offer personalized culinary experiences for every occasion. Each of my dishes tells a story, a memory, an emotion tied to the Tuscan tradition that I love to create and share with you.
I personally select high-quality ingredients from local producers, fresh and seasonal, transforming them into flavor and aroma combinations crafted to your personal preferences.
I believe in the importance of your voice in this culinary creative process. 



Together, we will work on the menu, adapting it to your tastes and desires. Whether it’s a private event, a dinner for two, or a family gathering, what matters to me is to provide you with a unique, customized experience, bringing my kitchen directly to the comfort of your places.
My work doesn’t stop in the kitchen; my team of professionals and I will ensure a 360-degree service, serving the menu we built together directly to your tables, offering you an exclusive culinary experience.


Cooking class

Choose to live a unique culinary experience with my interactive cooking classes, becoming a true pasta artisan in the splendid Tuscan countryside.
During my cooking classes, you won’t just be a spectator; you’ll become a real chef! You’ll have all the tools and ingredients needed to create the base for delicious first courses. I’ll reveal the secrets to prepare different forms of pasta, such as tagliatelle and stuffed ravioli. And how could we forget… the tiramisu!
After the lesson, you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down at the table and enjoying the delicious dishes you’ve created! It’s a shared experience that you can recreate at home using the recipes I’ll provide at the end of our wonderful day!

🤓...for ask

You can add to your personal experience a selection of Chianti Classico wine, carefully chosen for your menu.
Each dish will be matched by a glass of local wine, creating a perfect combination that enhances the aromas and flavors. Turn every meal into an unforgettable sensory journey.
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